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Dedicated to those who need to know a little bit more before making decisions.

I’ve always been passionate about design (true story). After completing a part-time graphic design course, I wanted to learn more about digital design and UX design, in particular. It attracted me because it solved real problems and I’ve also got a sweet spot for coding.

I’ve already had background in data analysis and visualisation and took part in some IT projects, but I felt I needed to learn more.

I came across Interaction Design Foundation through an Instagram account I follow and decided to give it…

Doing your first user research might be scary. You don’t know where to start and what to expect, without even mentioning that it has to be conducted remotely these days. In this article, I would like to share my experience, challenges I faced, and lessons I learned. I was fortunate enough to have a coach guiding me through the labyrinth of user research and sharing her wisdom (can’t thank her enough for that, honestly). So, let’s dive into it!

Finding a Problem

Always start with a problem. Ultimately, your research aim would be to validate the problem you think exists and then find…


Data analyst, graphic designer and illustrator, UX/UI designer based in Manchester, UK

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