Problem Validation and Customer Research: Challenges and Lessons Learned

Finding a Problem

Assumptions and Hypotheses

Assumptions list and assumptions criticality chart. Assumptions are rated on how critical they are and how known they are
Assumptions list starting with the most critical and assumptions criticality chart. You might wish to concentrate on the top right corner (critical and unknown)

H1: If children learn about basic finances from the age of 8 then they will be able to manage their money better when they’re older because they have a foundation of financial literacy.

H2: If the school (teachers) teach children about money then children are more likely to pick up better skills because they ere in the environment of learning.

H3: If financial education is engaging then children will learn better because many children find money and numeric subjects boring.

Research Approach

Research planning

Example of a survey question evaluating financial literacy asking participants to grade statements from agree to disagree
Example of a survey question designed to evaluate various money management skills (rather than asking them to assess their money management skills directly). Participants are asked to agree or disagree with a number of statements, which then can be analysed against other survey responses

Research Findings

Infographics demonstrating the main survey findings related to when and how to learn about money and who should drive this
Example of demonstrating main survey findings to stakeholders
Example of affinity map
Example of an affinity map

‘Money was a taboo topic when I was growing up’

‘I was unprepared for dealing with money: I don’t want the same for my children’

‘They (children) like playing phone games with their friends’



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